59th PAP Annual Convention (2024)

September 21-23 2024

President’s Message: PAP Convention 2023

We are so excited to meet all of you to have our 59th PAP Convention, and at the same time, celebrate our 60th Founding anniversary this Sept. 21-23, 2023 at Legazpi City, Albay. The world is vastly different since that last time we met one another face-to-face four years ago. We have lived through not just a pandemic, but wars, natural calamities, and a mental health crisis. We are still living through these significant events today.

As psychology practitioners, we have experienced significant changes in our field as well. We have fulfilled our role as frontliners in ensuring the welfare and well-being of our fellow men. We witnessed how this role is being recognized by the general public as well. Surprisingly, we never imagined that we will also be assuming the role of being staunch defenders of calm and reason during the time when the world plunged into a state of panic and irrationality, marred by gaslighting, fake news, conspiracies, and false narratives.

In this context of uncertainty and confusion, we offer the theme of the convention, “PAP @ 60: Moving Forward Towards a Global, Scientific, Ethical and Socially Relevant Philippine Psychology”. The theme accurately captures the highest aspirations of our profession, and the mission of the organization. We want to ensure that we uphold logic and scientific reasoning. We want to ensure that our actions are based not on personal whims, but on sound empirical evidence. Moreover, we also want to make a positive and relevant impact to the world, for individuals and societies alike. We strive for relevance in everything we do.

Much has been accomplished in the last four years in making our mission a reality. However, much remains to be done. We hope that this three-day event will be a source of knowledge, of support, and of hope that will enable us to keep going amidst the current challenges, and the challenges ahead.

More power to every one of us. See you at the convention.

Convention Chair's Message: PAP Convention 2023

Year 2023 is significant for the Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP) mainly for two reasons - first, it marks the closing of our Diamond Anniversary celebration; and second, it signals PAPCON’s return to onsite engagement.

It is a return that we all patiently waited for. In fact, many among us prayed for this “comeback” to finally happen this year; and thankfully, our prayers were answered.

On September 21 to 23, 2023, the Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP), along with our partner institution, the Divine Word College of Legazpi (DWCL), will gladly welcome you all to our 59 th Annual Convention. This year, we are bringing PAPCON to where it should be held three years ago - at the Legazpi City Convention Center in the historic City of Legazpi in the Bicol Region.

We have invited local and global movers and shakers in the discipline to lead discussions around the theme “PAP@60: Moving Forward Towards a Global, Scientific, Ethical, and Socially Relevant Philippine Psychology.” As in our previous national conventions, PAPCON 2023 will gather psychology practitioners, researchers, teachers, and learners from across the country for three full-packed days of collaborative learning, knowledge-sharing, and warm fellowship.

This will be an opportune time for Philippine psychology to move ahead, and for PAP to continue with its role of promoting the excellent, socially-relevant, evidence-based, and ethical practice of psychology, sustaining its growth and development on the national and international levels in the service of its members and the public.

Just as the majestic Mayon appears restive, we too are excited as we look forward to seeing you in Legazpi City for PAPCON 2023. Together, let us rekindle ties, embark on new learnings, strengthen existing partnerships, and collectively envision greater prospects and challenges. Dios Mabalos!